Belize Floral Comb Set

Belize Floral Comb Set


The Belize floral combs come as a 2 piece set and is one of our latest additions to our tropicana collection. These combs are made of bright tropical flowers and can be used individually or as a set. Fixed onto two gold combs, these headpieces fit most head sizes. 

Our silk floral combs are a perfect hair accessory for any occasion including hens parties, weddings, festivals and parties due to their durability and comfort. You can purchase your piece before an event to match with outfits, knowing that it won’t wilt or fall apart throughout the day.

All of our headpieces are made from high quality, silk flowers however please note that they are delicate. We take the utmost care in making sure that each crown is perfect and that there are no loose petals when shipped. Use gentle care when wearing the crown and it will last you forever!

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